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Scratchcards, Spin to Win, Hangman and Trivia are fun and engaging ways to interact with your customers. You only need to provide the images and the Messangi platform will do the rest. Upload a CSV file and transform a Scratchcard into a personalized responsive coupon, with Barcodes, QR Codes and tracking.

Mobile Wallet

Almost one in six US consumers use a Mobile Wallet. With Messangi’s simple to use Mobile Wallet wizard you can create iPhone and Android compatible Coupons, Boarding Passes and Loyalty Cards in one go. Personalization and updates are as simple as loading a CSV file or calling our API. Our Kiosk app and rules engine simplify the process of consuming codes and execute loyalty programs without integrating external platforms.


We live in an event driven world, from an email being read, to an SMS link being clicked, to a gamification campaign being shared with friends, or an user entering your store. Every event generated in your campaigns is captured, digested and charted for your consumption using the Messangi BIA interface. See trends in real time, and make decisions when they matter.


Send a coupon when an user enters your store. Or send a poll after they leave your restaurant. Message all the users inside a stadium. Or just capture analytics and patterns. With the Messangi SDK, Campaign Manager and Dashboards all these use cases are a implemented in minutes.


You almost never need to target your complete user base, and segmenting your data can sometimes be cumbersome. Messangi’s segmentation tools make the process easy and scalable, supporting an arbitrary number of fields per record, unlimited filters and more than 200,000,000 records per list.


Whether it’s realtime transactional alerts, batch broadcasts, template based personalized messages via any channel, or scheduled and periodic delivery, alerts are still on high demand and growing. Messangi’s Straightforward interfaces make scheduling and sending alerts easier than ever.


All of the above, via any channel.


  • Shortcodes
  • Longcodes
  • Owncode™
  • Fast provisioning


  • Use Our App
  • Use Your App
  • InApp Notifications
  • iPhone and Android
  • Provisioned in Minutes


  • Your Own Address
  • Subscription Management
  • Bounces
  • Complaints
  • Provisioned in Minutes

Many More

  • USSD
  • Voice
  • S@T

Blockchain Integration

Securely store transactions in a distributed blockchain for scalability, validation and non-repudiation.


All of the above, via the Messangi Web Interface, REST API and Mobile SDK.


Chart all events, across campaigns and channels. Extract intelligence without effort

Engagement Heatmap


Where are my most engaged users, or what spots are more popular for specific campaigns? Messangi’s dashboards aggregate the events location so you can find the answers that you need.



Users switch devices. Today you may have more Android users, and tomorrow that may change. Omnichannel means you don’t care about platforms when creating interactions or campaigns.

Daily Unique Users per Campaign

Unique Users

Which engagement is more popular? And can I understand why from my users’ behavior? Trends change, and what is popular today may not be popular tomorrow. Discover trends in real time and adapt your campaigns accordingly.

Omnichannel Events


Create a Geofence around your store, and send a SMS poll when users leave. Multiple channels can be used in one big campaign, and the Messangi dashboards integrate them all in a single realtime global view. Get the big picture as its being drawn.

Meaningful Dashboards

You’ve sent thousands of coupons with your 6 templates. How many unique users are interacting with it? Do they like it? Are they playing with it? Where are they? This is a real dashboard of a real customer showing real users interacting in real time with their Scratchcards. Know how your users interact with your campaigns, and identify the hotspots that make the difference between Marketing and Engagement.


Geofences Analytics

URL Campaigns User-Agents

Global Events Overview

Message and Event Status Across Channels

Messages per Second
Subscribers per List
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