Leveraging the transformative power of gaming to build your brand

Learn How Gaming and Mobile Promotions encourage Brand Engagement

Today a full third of the world population (close to 2.6 billion people) is considered gamers, connecting into massive networks of interactions and communities of mind-liked individuals. This represents huge opportunities that go beyond mere entertainment. With such massive reach, gamification can be easily labeled as a medium or channel, that any brand should be taking advantage of. 

The traditional mindset will depict a typical gamer, as a teen locked up in his bedroom swearing to other players online while trying to get that precious care package in Call of Duty. But surprisingly, the average age of gamers today in America is 34 years. Taking into account reach and age demographics, gaming to engage customers will allow you to tap into the demographic group with the highest average annual income, promising a higher return on investment (ROI).

Encourage Participation. Marketing communications have evolved from a monolog to an invitation to participate and get involved with brands in ways we wouldn’t even imagine 15 years ago. There are four ways you can get your brand to encourage participation:


Games like trivia or scavenger hunts are excellent to involve users in a quest to encouraging them to discover content and win prizes.


Competition motivates people to satisfy the need to win, it provides the opportunity or reason for improving their performance and motivates them to put forth a greater effort that can result in high levels of performance.  Game predictors whether on Football or Basketball is a good way to spark competition. Your brand can be front and center providing content for customers to compete for prizes.


Everyone likes to be challenged. A great way to engage customers is challenging their luck with instant win, sweepstakes and text to win features sponsored or offered by your brand.


Combining individual efforts in pursuit of a greater common good for everyone. In essence, your brand can leverage group gaming features that require the formation of teams to be able to achieve certain goals.

There are off-the-shelf solutions that will allow you to assemble your game. We at Messangi, offered solutions already tested and used that can easily be adapted or tailored according to your brand needs.

From a digital version of the traditional Scratch & Win to configuring your own Sport Game Prediction, we have all sorts of interactive content and games to quickly deploy branded games.

Besides gamification, since 2001, Messangi has been connecting companies to their customers on billions of devices around the world. Our versatile and reliable APIs have been built in-house by some of the top engineers in the business. To power our operations, we have world-class teams in 7 countries willing to go the extra mile to meet our customers’ needs.

Today, top mobile operators, global banks, and retailers rely on Messangi to solve their communication challenges by routing important messages on their behalf. Our SMS, Email, and Mobile Wallet APIs continue to revolutionize company-customer interactions, making communication easier, efficient, and more accessible than ever before.

We invite you to try our live demos and experience for yourself the different solutions we have in store. Click below to learn more.

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