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Communicate with your audience quickly and efficiently with a Bulk Messaging Solution

Send messages to your customers across channels to ensure your communications are read and acted upon
Outbound Channels Messangi

Transform Your Communication Strategy: Outbound Makes It Simple and Efficient

As a communications/marketing executive or business owner, optimizing customer engagement is crucial. Juggling multiple platforms for each channel is inefficient and limits your reach. Outbound solves these challenges with a unified platform, streamlining messaging, extending reach, and enhancing engagement.
Mobile Messaging Messangi

Send messages to your audience effectively

Ensure your messages are read and acted upon

Instant Delivery

Send time-sensitive info to thousands simultaneously with a click, enabling prompt customer engagement


Scale your business messages from hundreds to millions, adapting effortlessly to your audience growth

High Open Rates

Maximize reach by ensuring most of your target audience views your messages through mobile channels

Broadcasts, send messages at scale

Facilitate the delivery of messages to specific distribution groups through designated channels. Communicate on a mass scale, allowing for widespread transmission of vital information or marketing campaigns.​
Messangi Dashboard


Template Manager

Create/manage templates for SMS, WhatsApp, Email, Push, RCS on our platform, intuitively channel-adapting

Template Manager Messangi

Segmentation and personalization

Leverage placeholders to customize messages, aligning with specific audience preferences

Segmentation and personalization Messangi

URL Shortner

Enhance engagement with our URL Shortener: offers custom domains, character optimization, unique URLs, and click tracking

Delivery Reports

Detailed Reporting provides insights on message delivery, read rates, and link engagement for optimized communication

Subscription and Consent Management

Efficiently manage subscription lists for respectful, precise targeting of opted-in recipients only

Use Cases

Messangi’s broadcast module is leveraged daily by numerous teams across diverse markets to dispatch bulk messaging communications efficiently.​

Public Awareness and Outreach

Broadly reach a large audience through efficient SMS blasts, raising awareness and boosting participation


Use mobile messages to share promotions, inform about your sale or new product, enticing them to make a purchase, thereby driving up your revenue.

Emergency Alerts

Use broadcast tools to inform and guide your community during a crisis instantly; you're better equipped to keep everyone safe.

Internal Communications

Ensure employee updates and event reminders are promptly received and actioned using broadcasts

Unleash the power of effective, efficient, and scalable messaging

Multichannel Bulk Messaging Solution


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