mobile marketing platform

Engage your audience through innovative promotions with a mobile marketing platform

Reach and engage your audience on mobile devices via text messages and mobile optimized promotional offers and notifications
Mobile Marketing Messangi

Unlock your marketing potential with our comprehensive mobile marketing platform

Grow your audience, deploy captivating campaigns, and drive successful outcomes. Simplify participation, gather valuable data, and experience seamless engagement.
Interactive Campaigns Messangi

Make you campaigns more engaging interactive revealing

Maximize engagement in your campaigns and leverage interactive content, personalization, and user behavior

Grow your audience

Enhance reach with targeted campaigns across online channels, personalizing offers for specific customer groups

Market differentiation

Stand out with captivating campaigns, enticing customers seeking unique experiences and exclusive offers

Increase participation rates

Spark participation with enticing CTAs, seamless UX, and interactive digital promotions like trivia and surveys or reveal content interactions



Win big with our sweepstakes feature. Enter easily for unique rewards, chosen randomly for equal opportunity through advanced algorithms

Sweepstakes Messangi


Turn campaigns into seasonal, engaging games. Our platform allows for an immersive, customized gaming experience

Scratch Card Messangi

Rewards and Incentives

Engage users with diverse promos offering rewards from discounts to experiences, fostering active participation

Prize Configuration Messangi

Digital Promotions

Building brand loyalty through digital experiences, moment by moment


Present one or more questions, and ask to select from a list of options the one they deem correct.


Randomly pick a winner, select from customer database or sweepstakes entrants for a chance to win exciting prizes.


Add coupons to your promotions and let customers apply them to your in-store purchase or online order.


Understand your audience and gather key information to gain valuable insights and tailor your approach effectively.


Create and publish easily professional interactive digital catalog and share it everywhere in a click.

Unlock your rewards: explore our digital promotions today!

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