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Alumni cards have been an enduring tradition, symbolizing a tangible connection to one’s alma mater. These plastic mementos, while cherished, come with certain drawbacks: they’re expensive to create, cumbersome to

Imagine having a tool that could help you retain your customers and stay top of mind with them. Well, that tool exists, and it’s called push notifications. These little messages

The age of digital marketing has ushered in new approaches to enhancing customer engagement, with one of the most compelling being SMS marketing. At Messangi, we understand that every character

SMS marketing has become increasingly popular as businesses seek new ways to reach customers directly and cost-effectively. With a staggering 5 billion people worldwide owning mobile phones, SMS marketing campaigns

In today’s fast-paced digital world, businesses constantly search for ways to streamline operations and improve communication methods. One solution that is rapidly gaining popularity is cloud communications.  This technology allows

With customer service playing an integral role in any business, companies must invest wisely in the necessary tools and strategies to ensure unparalleled customer satisfaction. In recent years, chatbots have


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