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¿Cómo identificar si tienes clientes leales?

At Messangi — and in the business world — you hear a lot about having loyal customers and marketing towards your loyal customers. But how can you tell if you

Traditional marketing campaigns are something of a one-way street whereby brands and businesses deliver content to their audiences and hope to gain some response. Interactive marketing is changing that philosophy.

This playbook shows you useful strategies inspired by some use cases already using Messangi’s Platform to delivery truly contextual and personalized messages.

When people shop online, they rarely expect to pay the full price for products and services. In the US, one in three shoppers look for coupon deals before making a

Customer acquisition costs have increased by 50% in the last five years, creating new challenges for businesses of all sizes when building a cost-effective strategy. The average cost of a

Discover the power of mobile engagement with this playbook made exclusively for the telecom industry.