Top tips for loyalty marketing

Top Tips for Loyalty Marketing

On our blog, we’ve already shared the importance of offering a loyalty rewards program for retaining customers and rewarding loyal customers. But today, we have some top tips to effectively market to and reward your loyal customers. 

Read through our top six tips and see if there’s something new you can try for your business and customers. 

Our Top Loyalty Marketing Tips

Read through our marketing tips and find some way to show appreciation to your most loyal customers! 

Be Creative and Unique

Look at other businesses — like your competitors or a top-performing business — and evaluate how their loyalty rewards are set up. What do they do differently? Are they doing that effectively? How do they tailor their rewards to their specific customers? 

Use information from your competitors to your advantage, but also tweak what they’re doing to match what you know your specific customers are interested in. In the end, you will have unique rewards that your customers will appreciate and value. 

Listen to Your Customers

When it comes to loyalty marketing, it can be dangerous to assume what your customer wants. This is where listening comes in. So think about what kind of feedback you’re getting from your customers. If you’re not sure how to reward their loyalty, ask them! No one knows what your customers want better than your customers. 

Part of listening also involves providing different ways for your customers to provide feedback: leaving reviews on your website or social media platforms, having in-person with customers in your store, sending out emails to your loyalty rewards members asking for reviews, or setting out cards in your business for customers to leave feedback. 

Start listening to your customers and see what beneficial ideas they come up with!

Provide Value

What kind of value are you providing your loyal customers? Loyalty rewards is one piece of value you can give your customers, but what else are you doing beyond that? Are you just giving out free marketing materials or are you giving them something directly related to your products or services? 

Don’t just give your customers a reward just so you can say you gave them something. Think about rewards or gifts that will mean something to them — and keep them coming back to your business! 

Thank Your Customers

How often do you say “thank you” to your customers — and not after they’ve made a purchase from you? Think about how you’re treating your loyal customers and showing them your appreciation. Just a simple, unwarranted thank you from you to your customers can make a large difference.

Whether you thank them just for being a member in your rewards program, while visiting your website, or for stopping by your business, “thank you”s are a great way to share your appreciation! 

Celebrate Customers on Social Media

Do you share your most loyal customers on your channels? From positive testimonials to loyal customers who love your product, use your social media as a space to say thank you publically! 

Customers also love reading testimonials from other customers who have used or purchased your product before. So, posting that information on your platform is a great way to both acknowledge your most loyal or active customers while also sharing valuable and pertinent information with other potential customers. 

Have an Effective Loyalty Rewards Program

Do you have a loyalty rewards system in place? How effective is it? Are you reminding your customers to use their digital reward card during each purchase? 

A reward program is a simple way to reward loyal customers that purchase from your business time and time again. These rewards programs are a powerful way to incentivize those loyal customers to continue purchasing from your business. Whether they are saving up points to receive money off a purchase or working towards a free product, you’ll engage with your customers through the rewards you offer them! 

We hope these tips left you empowered to focus on your loyalty marketing today. Loyal customers are a valuable asset for any business, so get started with a customizable loyalty program from Messangi today! 

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