Engaging subscribers with Sport Prediction Games

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Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC), the primary communications provider for the Bahamas, was looking for a way to engage with their subscribers during the NBA playoffs. They knew customer engagement is a key factor in their marketing strategy and it needed to increase it.

Research has proven that high-quality customer experience is an important component in a customer engagement strategy. According to Gallup, research shows that a fully-engaged customer represents almost 25% more revenue than average. Also, having highly engaged customers improves sales, promotes the brand and demonstrates an increase in customer loyalty.

With years of experience in customer engagement campaigns, we knew we could create an engaging game during the NBA playoffs season where the subscribers could interact with the campaign and help increase the engagement of the company.

Messangi launched a Mobile Web Application to all subscribers, the campaign consisted in sending the invitation to play vía SMS to all subscribers, once they sign up, they would see the games of the day and predict their results, if their prediction was right, they would earn points based on their assertion of the scores or game-winner and after the game ended, the winners will win BTC prizes. 

As a result, this mobile web application kept the subscribers during the NBA playoffs connected to the Game Predictor, delivering a very interactive experience for the subscribers and also important, a good engagement for BTC.

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