The Rise of Mobile Messaging in Customer Support: Why it's the Preferred Choice

The Rise of Mobile Messaging in Customer Support: Why it’s the Preferred Choice

Customers demand fast, reliable service and support in today’s digital world. But what is the best way to provide that? Should your business offer phone support or live chat support? According to a study by Forrester, companies that use live chat see an average 90% satisfaction rate among customers, compared to 61% for phone support. Additionally, live chat has an average response time of 42 seconds, compared to an average of 5 minutes for phone support.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how complementing customer support calls with mobile messaging can benefit businesses. 

Mobile messaging has become a popular choice for customers seeking assistance from businesses. A survey by OpenMarket found that 90% of consumers prefer to receive text messages from companies. So, why do people choose customer support via mobile messaging over the phone?

1. Convenience: One of the main reasons people prefer mobile messaging over the phone is its convenience. With mobile messaging, customers can get assistance anytime and anywhere. They don’t have to be at a specific location or wait for particular hours to get in touch with a customer support representative. Mobile messaging allows customers to multitask while waiting for a response, unlike phone calls requiring full attention.

2. Speed: People prefer mobile messaging over the phone because of its speed. With mobile messaging, customers can get a response in minutes rather than waiting on hold for an extended period. Additionally, businesses can use automated responses to quickly and easily answer frequently asked questions, reducing the need for customers to wait for a representative.

3. Personalization: Mobile messaging allows for a more personalized communication experience. WhatsApp and SMS enable businesses to address customers by name and even include personalized images or videos to enhance the customer experience. This level of personalization can lead to increased customer loyalty and satisfaction.

4. Multimedia exchange: Mobile messaging also allows the exchange of multimedia, such as images and videos, which can be used to demonstrate products or provide additional information. It can be beneficial for customers who need visual aids to understand a product or service.

5. Cost-effective: Phone support can be expensive, especially for businesses that receive a high volume of calls. With mobile messaging, companies can respond to customer inquiries and complaints at a fraction of the cost of traditional phone support. Mobile messaging allows companies to handle multiple customer interactions simultaneously, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

6. Record keeping: Mobile messaging also allows for easy record keeping, allowing businesses to keep track of customer interactions and refer back to them in the future. It can benefit companies that need to keep track of customer complaints or refund requests.

With its convenience, speed, personalization, multimedia exchange, cost-effectiveness, and record-keeping abilities, mobile messaging offers a superior customer support experience.

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