Engaging With Customers Through Polls and Surveys

As a business owner, you want to have a pretty clear idea of who your customers are, including their age, demographic information, job, hobbies, or interests. All of this information gives you better insight into why certain groups could benefit from or enjoy using your products or services. 

But how can you obtain that information about your customers? Go directly to the source! Take a look at ways your business is engaging with customers and see what information they are already providing you with through their different interactions, reviews, and recommendations. 

One great way to get more detailed information about your customers is by utilizing polls and surveys. Learn more about engaging with customers on our blog, and work with our team at Messangi to create polls and surveys designed to learn more about your customers, along with the other digital customer engagement products we offer! 

Customer Polls

Polls provide you with quantitative data that you can use to improve or grow your business. Polls also allow your customer to play an active role and offer you insight into what they think about your products or services. 

If you’re ready to introduce or release something new for your business, send out a poll and see if your loyal customers are interested in that offering. Not sure which product is their favorite? Send out a poll and see what products your customers can’t live without. 

These polls offer a great opportunity to extend beyond your business and just see what your customers are interested in. Things like their favorite color, dream destination, their favorite fandom, or even what they eat for breakfast can help you come up with new offerings or products tailored for your customers. 

Customer Surveys

Surveys are an additional way to gain further quantitative data about your customers. But through surveys, you can ask different questions to get responses about their age, product preferences, what they need or would like from your business, and other information that can help you tailor more specifically to your loyal customers. 

Like with polls, you can also use surveys to better understand the different customer groups you have interacting with your business. 

Benefits of Interactive Campaigns

Both polls and surveys are a type of interactive campaign that encourages your customers to engage with your business in a new and exciting way. While traditional forms are just as valuable, interactive campaigns put you in direct contact with your customers in a way that allows you to better understand their wants, needs, expectations, and share their love of your business. 

It’s also important to remember that your customers want to engage with your brand, and polls and surveys are a great way to do that. If you have a network of loyal customers dedicated to your product or service, give them more chances to interact with your business in new ways. This makes your brand feel like something tangible they can frequently interact with — and share with their friends! 

With the ability of customers to interact with businesses so easily, there is also an expectation from the customer that businesses understand their needs. According to a study done by Sales Force, 73% of customers already expect businesses to understand their expectations and needs as a customer. Furthermore, 62% of customers expect those businesses to make changes or improvements based on their feedback. This information makes it even more important to provide ways for customers to share that information in an innovative and positive way. 

Send Out Polls & Surveys Today

If you haven’t used polls and surveys to gather valuable information about your clientele, work with Messangi to develop polls and surveys for your customers. Also, ask about our other digital engagement products that could further expand your businesses reach and customer engagement!  

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