5 Reasons to Choose Messangi for Digital Customer Engagement

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When it comes to customer engagement, 54% of customers think that businesses need to change how they interact and engage. A large part of that engagement can take place in digital spaces, getting customers to interact with your brand, products, or services when they’re not in the store. 

At Messangi, we know that many business owners are already overwhelmed with the day-to-day operations that make your business flourish. But that doesn’t mean you should wait to change or expand the way you interact with customers digitally. Instead of working through those solutions yourself, learn more about why you should trust Messangi for your digital customer engagement needs. 

Five Reasons to Choose Messangi for Digital Customer Engagement

Messangi is here to help your business transform how you engage with customers, in addition to helping you effectively use that customer data. See how our digital customer engagement solutions could benefit your business. 

Digital Expansion

More and more shoppers are opting to browse or shop for products or services online. In fact, a study from Big Commerce shows that, in 2019, 22% of global retail sales were ecommerce sales. This means that if you have a physical storefront location, you also want to expand your reach online to reach those online shoppers. 

From updating and showing inventory online to offering digital communications, like SMS messaging, email marketing, or digital loyalty programs, you want to meet your customers where they are. That’s why Messangi focuses on providing digital customer engagement products so you can offer personalized content and experiences to a wider audience. 

If digital customer engagement is new to you, Messangi can help you decide what products are best for your business, along with providing you helpful quantitative data about your customers and how they’re interacting with the digital content you’re providing. That way, you can effectively expand your business into digital spaces. 

Build Your Brand Reputation 

Customers enjoy interacting with the brands they love online. One great way to increase your customer base is for your brand and logo to become recognizable by customers who haven’t visited or used your business before. If customers see your branding digital spaces, that brand recognition starts to build trust among your customers. 

Learn More About Your Online Audience/Customers 

As we mentioned earlier, customers want businesses to evaluate and change how they engage with customers. But if you don’t have a way for customers to share their concerns or ideas with you, how will you know what will benefit your customers the most? 

While digital interactions build your brand with customers, they are also a valuable tool for gaining insights and quantitative data about different customer groups. From tracking how many customers take advantage of digital promotions to learning the age and gender of those who sign up for your digital loyalty program, all of that information can be used to build a solid customer database. 

Our Messangi customer engagement platform will manage your customer lists, let you create groups for new campaigns, provide you real-time reports on how those campaigns are performing, along with offering additional key data about your customers. As you build up this data, you will have more information to help make strategic business decisions about expanding your business, what new services to offer, or how a new product will be received by your customers. 

Target Specific Customer Groups

Once your business has gathered information about the different types of customers that interact or engage with your business, you want to target those customer groups. 

If you know what product or service draws in a certain clientele, offer a sale or exclusive offer for loyal customers to encourage that customer group. If you want to learn more about, for example, the sports fans that follow you, try offering different polls and surveys to see what sports teams they follow. You can also reward loyal customers with targeted rewards or digital promotions to cater to their hobbies or demographics. 

Diverse Customer Engagement Products

At Messangi, we offer a wide range of digital customer engagement products so you can meet all of your customers where they are. Our platform includes: 

Some customer engagement resources offer just a single service or two, but we want you to feel like you’ve covered all digital angles to better improve your customer engagement strategies. We will work with you to help run those different engagement solutions and use the data you collect to inform future business decisions. 

Customer Engagement for Your Business

There are a lot of ways Messangi can help you reach new customers and expand your business online. From Mobile Messaging to Digital Promotions and Polls & Surveys, Messangi is here to help you expand your digital customer engagement. Contact us to learn which product is right for your business! 

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