Messangi’s Digital Loyalty & Retaining Your Customers for the Holidays

For any business, this upcoming holiday season is an important time to boost sales and appeal to loyal customers. 

Utilize Messangi’s assortment of digital loyalty to increase your customer engagements during the holidays. Get some tips and ideas for customer retention and contact Messangi to get started with our digital products today! 

The Holiday Season and Digital Loyalty 

Whether you offer exclusive products or services during the holidays, or are looking to meet different customer engagement goals at the end of the year, the holiday season is a vital time for most businesses. 

While Messangi offers different digital loyalty products that are perfect for year-round, the holiday season is a great time to start and really utilize those different products. 

Digital Loyalty Program

At Messangi, our digital loyalty program makes it easy to set up a points-based rewards system for your loyal customers. Through that program, you can offer prizes available for redemption and send out personalized promotions to different customers. On top of that, everything is stored digitally so your customers don’t have to worry about carrying a physical card or keeping track of their rewards and prizes. 

Digital Promotions

The digital promotions you offer can extend beyond your digital loyalty program. During the holiday season, create exclusive giveaways, trivia, instant wins, and other ways to win. This keeps customers engaging with your business while also allowing you to tailor your communications to your customers and their preferences. 

Tips for Customer Retention 

Introduce Your Loyalty Program

We’ve already shared the digital loyalty program we offer through Messangi. If you don’t already have a loyalty or rewards program in place for your business, the holidays are a good time to reward customers for choosing your business. 

In fact, at Messangi we’ve found that 79% of customers are more liked to keep coming back to your business if you offer them a loyalty program. Use the holidays as an excuse to finally create or draw attention to your program! 

Incentivize Customers With Rewards and Promos

If you want to get customers to come into your business during the holidays, offer different benefits or sales as a form of encouragement. If you want to tie these sales into your loyalty program, you can create exclusive offers for members of your loyalty program or for new customers who enroll in your loyalty program. 

Extend Those Promos Past the Holidays

If offering sales and promotions helped incentivize customers during the holidays, consider extending those promotions past the holiday season. This will continue to reward your loyal customers and increase the value of your business to those customers beyond the holiday season.

Offer Subscriptions 

Do you offer a service or a product that a customer will use time and time again? During the holidays, consider offering a subscription to that service. These can make great presents, and get your loyal customers to commit to your business or get a friend or family member invested in your product or service. 

Email Customer Marketing 

Building off of digital engagement, create a holiday-themed email campaign to send out to your customers. These emails can encourage customers to engage with your business, answer polls or surveys, enter a contest or giveaway, or encourage more purchases. 

Learn More About Digital Customer Engagement

Ready to learn more about digital customer engagement? Contact Messangi to get started with our services just in time for the holidays! 

Not sure which digital customer engagement solution is right for you? Take some time to browse our different options and see how Messangi can help expand your business digitally: 

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