¿Cómo identificar si tienes clientes leales?

How Can You Tell If You Have Loyal Customers?

At Messangi — and in the business world — you hear a lot about having loyal customers and marketing towards your loyal customers. But how can you tell if you have loyal customers? 

Today, we’ll go over some signs that will help you know if you have loyal customers, and who those customers are. If you’re looking to boost engagement, consider offering a great loyalty rewards program.

Signs of Loyal Customers 

Research studies completed by SumAll show that thinking about and marketing to your loyal customers can pay off in the long run. That’s because a new customer has a 27% chance of returning to your business while a customer who has made three purchases from your business has a 54% chance of coming back a fourth time.  

On top of that, the same research from SumAll suggested putting 25% of your marketing budget toward loyal customers, showing just how important that group of people is. Doing small things like sending them gifts, offering free shipping, releasing newsletters, and giving them reward points can improve your relationship with these customers. 

Read through some of the signs of loyal customers to pinpoint the people you should be targeting, and get some ideas for great ways to reward any loyal customers. 

Your Customers Advocate for You

Do you hear new customers talking about their friend who loves your business? Do you have customers who are constantly bringing their friends and family to try some product or see your store? 

Loyal customers love you, which means that they will advocate for you and your product! Not sure if people are advocating for you? Check different social media platforms to see what others are saying about your business. If they’re recommending and sharing stories about your business, that’s a great sign that you have a strong group of loyal customers! 

Cost Isn’t An Issue

Are you able to sell a more expensive product or electronic item? Are you able to raise prices without impacting sales? Then that’s a good sign that the customers you have are loyal. It’s the customers who like and trust your product who are willing to still support your business even if costs go up or your product is more expensive. 

Customers Leave Reviews and Testimonials

Do you get a lot of positive reviews and testimonials from your customers? That’s a good way to tell if you have loyal customers. If they love your product so much they’re willing to go leave a positive review, that means they want others to know how much they trust and like your business. 

They Sign Up for Your Rewards Program

The first step is to make sure you have a loyalty rewards program in place for your customers. Then, look at how many customers you currently have signed up for your rewards program.

If you want to see how beneficial that program is, see how many customers take advantage of their rewards. Do you have repeat customers who are routinely scheduling their digital rewards card? Are they frequently using the rewards points they’ve accumulated? What about your location-activated messaging? When you have geo-locational targeting turned on, are you seeing loyal customers stopping in to take advantage of those deals? 

Make Your Loyal Customers a Priority

Now that you have a better understanding of what your loyal customers look like, take a moment and evaluate how you’re marketing toward those customers. Thinking back to the statistics from SumAll, how much time and marketing are you spending on loyal customers? Is that an area of your business that you’ve been neglecting? 

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