ID Card for Mobile Wallet

Upgrade Your Alumni Experience: Get Your University ID Card for Mobile Wallet

Alumni cards have been around for decades and have played a crucial role in helping them stay connected to their alma mater. However, with the rise of technology, traditional cards are becoming a thing of the past. Today, more and more organizations are turning to digital member cards to drive engagement and facilitate access to benefits and services.

Digital member cards are a virtual representation of traditional plastic ones. They are stored in a mobile wallet on a smartphone providing easy access to all the benefits and services offered by their universities. Additionally, they provide a convenient and secure way to stay connected with the institution and fellow alumni.

One of the key benefits of digital passes is that they make it easier for organizations to engage with their audience; they can use them to provide up-to-date information about events, news, and opportunities they may find helpful. 

Additionally, alumni can use digital cards to provide access to exclusive discounts and deals on products and services, and benefits offered by their alma mater, such as job listings and resume-building tools. 

They can also use it to provide access to networking events, association meetings, reunions, and online resources, such as online courses and webinars.

Apart from driving engagement and facilitating access, digital cards also offer several other benefits. For example, they provide a more secure and convenient way for organizations to manage their data providing a more cost-effective solution for organizations and eliminating the need for printing and mailing physical cards. This benefit makes it more environmentally friendly, as they reduce the amount of paper and other resources required to produce traditional plastic cards.

Finally, digital alumni cards can help organizations increase their revenue. For example, organizations can use digital cards to offer paid memberships, providing them with a steady revenue stream.

In conclusion, mobile wallet cards offer several benefits that traditional ones cannot match. They provide a convenient and secure way for organizations to engage with alumni, facilitate access to benefits and services, and increase their visibility and reach. 

Consider adopting digital cards today if your organization or university wants to drive engagement and facilitate access. Messangi’s digital membership card solution helps universities and organizations of all sizes streamline membership processes, reduce costs, and drive constituent engagement. To learn more, schedule a demo or contact us!



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