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For any business, this upcoming holiday season is an important time to boost sales and appeal to loyal customers.  Utilize Messangi’s assortment of digital loyalty to increase your customer engagements

Known as an integrated strategy, this approach aligns all of your channels and delivers customer-centric content.

While digital strategies are a great way to build your business’s brand and generate digital awareness around your company, that doesn’t always ensure that you’re generating leads from your customer

As a business, you want to engage with your customers by using different digital solutions. But you also want to find digital solutions that actually encourage customers to engage.  In

To almost every business, the customer is a vital aspect of how the business operates and informs the type of engagement strategies used. This idea of the customer has also

When it comes to customer engagement, 54% of customers think that businesses need to change how they interact and engage. A large part of that engagement can take place in


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