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Why Chatbots Are More Than Just Talk Have you ever wondered why receiving immediate and fast responses feels surprisingly pleasant nowadays? It’s all thanks to chatbots, the unsung heroes of

Farmatodo, a leading retail and pharmaceutical company, enhanced its customer relations. The company embarked on a digital transformation journey, integrating ourSMS API into its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This

The rising demands of customer service can easily surpass the capabilities of traditional contact centers, resulting in longer wait times and higher operational expenses. Faced with this issue, Mercantil Seguros,

Liberty University, a leading institution in higher education, wanted to modernize how it interacted with alumni. Recognizing the limitations of traditional methods, the university sought to connect with its graduates

With over 2 billion active users, WhatsApp has become the most popular messaging platform, and many businesses are now turning to the app to communicate with their customers. However, choosing

Customer loyalty is essential in a company’s customer loyalty and retention strategy. Manía de Churrasco, a popular steak and burger restaurant chain, recognized these needs and decided to change to

The evolution from traditional SMS (Short Message Service) to RCS (Rich Communication Services) marks a significant shift. As businesses strive to enhance consumer engagement, understanding the differences between SMS and

RCS, or Rich Communication Services, has quickly become popular among smartphone users globally. It effectively fills the void between basic SMS and more sophisticated instant messaging applications, offering a messaging

MAPFRE, a leading insurance company, faced challenges with low engagement levels in NPS surveys through conventional approaches. They discovered a solution that not only tackled this issue but also paved

In the vast digital landscape, few names resonate as universally as WhatsApp. Since its inception in 2009, this messaging app has emerged as a dominant force in the global communication

Alumni cards have been an enduring tradition, symbolizing a tangible connection to one’s alma mater. These plastic mementos, while cherished, come with certain drawbacks: they’re expensive to create, cumbersome to

Imagine having a tool that could help you retain your customers and stay top of mind with them. Well, that tool exists, and it’s called push notifications. These little messages



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