Customer Service vs. Customer Engagement

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To almost every business, the customer is a vital aspect of how the business operates and informs the type of engagement strategies used. This idea of the customer has also led to the old adage of “The customer is always right.” 

But when it comes to the customer in relation to the business, there are different ways to think about the various interactions the business has with the customers. While customer service and customer engagement might seem like two sides of the same coin, they are two equally important aspects your business needs to understand.

Learn more about the difference between customer service and customer engagement in today’s blog post. If you’re ready to expand your digital customer engagement channels, like mobile messaging or digital promotions, contact Messangi to get started today!  

Customer Service

Customer service is the assistance provided by a business to the customer, both when they are in the business or interacting with the business through other means. This is an important part of developing a positive customer experience with your business.

For example, some business models include welcoming a customer any time they walk into your store. This is a type of positive customer service that recognizes that customer and welcomes them into the business. 

But why is customer service important? An article by Forbes explains that bad customer service can cost companies more than $75 billion a year.

On top of that, 67% of customers are willing to switch businesses that have poor customer service. These customers experiences can include: 

  • Being placed on hold for too long
  • Employees that are rude, dismissive, or unhelpful towards customers 
  • Customers who don’t feel appreciated for their continued support or use of that business

While good customer service plays an important role in customer experience, customer engagement is another aspect of that experience that shouldn’t be neglected. 

Customer Engagement

While customer service is about the direct communication and the experience created each time a customer interacts with your business, customer engagement extends that interaction further. Customer engagement looks at the types of interactions your business has with your customer, both in-store and in other areas. This type of interaction starts to create a relationship between your business and each customer. 

Customer engagement can take different forms, like follows on social media, word-of-mouth about your business, or communication about sales or rewards offered to customers.

If you’re looking to build your loyal customers, and get those customers to frequent your business or continue using your product, a large part of that is improving your customer engagement. This keeps customers engaged with your brand, even when they’re not actively shopping or in your place of business. 

Find Customer Engagement at Messangi

Now that you better understand the difference between customer service and customer engagement, take a moment to see what your business is doing to help promote customer engagement. 

At Messangi, we offer a wide variety of customer engagement products, like: 

Contact us to get started and increase your customer engagement today! 

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